How can one broken man who has lost everything alter the prophecy of the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church and at the same time stop a sinister arch villain in his attempt to take over the world?

Is this the end of the Catholic Church?
Will a One World Government take over?
Will the Mayan Prophecy herald the end of the world in December 2012?
How will it end?

The death of his wife changed Dr Aaron Carter from the boy wonder prophet at the prestigious think tank Oracle, to a broken man. The loss of his family resulted in the loss of his focus at work that was further mirrored in his emotional instability. As a form of rehabilitation his office sends him on an insignificant assignment to Ireland to research the prophecy of the 12th century Irish priest, St. Malachy. Malachy in 1139 quite accurately predicted the next 111 Popes. The next and final Pope would reign over the last days of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cycles of Time 2012In Ireland Aaron meets Rebecca King, a feisty young spitfire with enough brains, personality and looks to run her father’s multinational defense contracting firm.

Their adventures take them across Europe escalating through mountainside chases in Switzerland and then through the streets of Rome with bullets flying. While they are attempting to coordinate Malachy’s prophecy with other end-of-times scenarios, they are also fending off an arch villain who is not only attempting to take over the world but who is trying to kill them in the process.