About S.J. Doholis

A career in Chiropractic and natural health paired with a keen interest in history led Stephen J. Doholis, DC to write his first novel, Cycles of Time 2012. The story explores the very real prophecy of St. Malachy, a 12th century priest, and the impact of his predictions of the end of the Roman Catholic Church. Combining historically accurate details with a fictional story that includes romance, intrigue, and mystery, Doholis has crafted a unique take on the future.

Dr Stephen J. DoholisDuring his college years at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, Doholis studied the basic sciences along with honors history, which piqued his interest in further studies of a historical nature. Since that time, he has enjoyed reading historical novels and remains inspired by ancient stories that separate fact and myth. This first novel might be considered a cross between Indiana Jones and The Da Vinci Code, which leaves the reader wondering if the tale could really come to fruition.

Though his professional route directed him into the Chiropractic health field, Doholis’ love of storytelling persevered. He sees each patient case as a story unto itself, and he strives to learn about the whole person to create effective treatment plans. In fact, his passion for health and fitness inspired Doholis’ first book, Fat to Fit, Bit by Bit, a guidebook to gradually transforming health and wellness at any stage of your health and at any stage of weight.

Doholis has been in private practice in the health field for over 35 years. He currently lives and works in the central Phoenix (AZ) area and has plans for a number of additional novels.