Cycles is finally out on for Kindle users!

Good news guys!  Finally we have uploaded the book onto and it is now available for Kindle and Kindle Fire users!  Hooray!  So tell your friends and by this weekend it will be available on most of the other e-book sites.  (then your job next week is to call your local TV station and get me on their morning show to talk about the book!….thanks guys!)


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Get your Kindle version for just $9.78!

Will the world end in December 2012?

Many people are concerned if the world will end in December 2012, as it was predicted by the Mayan calendar. Of course, my new book, Cycles of Time 2012, does take that prophecy into account, along with several other end-of-times philosophies. 

Keep an eye on this blog as we discuss several other prophecies and give a look at my book — and its sequel — coming out this winter (assuming the world doesn’t end in December, that is!)

Stay tuned!